Why are Team Building Activities Important for Your Business?

If you’ve ever led a team where there were communication issues, or your project team simply weren’t working, then you’ll know how problematic it can be. But what steps can you take to improve team building in your business and stop the rot before your team become totally unproductive? Some business swear by team building activities and they certainly have their place, but importantly which team building activities you choose is just as important. We’re a great fan of escape rooms, and we’re biased because we manage them ourselves, and we know how successful they are at team building. But what can we do to help persuade you they’re that great?

What are the most convincing reasons why team building gets results?

Team bonding events are not only fun but they’re also motivational. They also educate. While your team are bonding, they’re picking skills along the way, ones which will help them carry out their jobs and communicate better with each other. These skills could be anything from planning, conflict resolution, problem-solving to planning.

Helping to make long lasting connections

While having fun your team are helping to facilitate long term relationships through connections they make on the day. They’ll be able to have deeper discussions and be able resolve issues by communicating on a deeper level than before.

Networking and socialising

By spending time with your work colleagues you're breaking the ice, and this in turn will help to increase productivity in the office. It’ll help boost morale, and in turn help your team to solve everyday problems easier.

Team building for its own sake

You’ll find that your team will be able to work on projects better than before and find that once they’ve bonded they know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and can help each other reach important goals.

Competition, increased productivity and team spirit

You’ll find that if there’s a healthy amount of competition it can increase productivity, and that healthy competitive edge will have been harnessed at the escape room stage.

Fun and increased motivation

You can have fun on the day and then take that relaxed vibe and use it back at the office. Once your employees are motivated enough to get back to work, you’ll reap the rewards once you’re back in the office. All that celebration in winning and the fun and activities that go with your team building escape will spill over into project goals.

Collaboration and fostering the innovative and creative in your team

Once your team are comfortable with each other, they can go back to work as a more effective group. They’ll feel that much closer to each other and have more success in the workplace, coming up with more innovative ideas, and you should see an increase in their creative output.

For team building activities that work – it has to be Escape

All in all, escape is the best way of building your team and helping them to bond, thus increasing motivation, creative output and you’ll get better collaboration. So, if you think you’d like to give your team a gift that just keeps on giving, get in touch with us here at Escape Stoke and we’ll do all we can to answer your questions and help steer you in the direction of our amazing escape rooms.