Your Guide to the Rooms at Escape Stoke

Are you brave enough to explore our escape rooms at Escape Stoke? You may be contemplating our escape rooms for the first time with a group of friends, and if this is the case, you’re probably wondering what the whole experience is going to be like. In our post today, we’re going to be looking at the rooms we have at Escape Stoke, and hopefully you’ll have enough information to decide whether it’s for you. We think you’ll be mightily impressed with the whole set-up, and once you’re here the game begins. So, read on and see what our rooms have in store for you.

The Da Vinci Rooms

This is a room with a high level of difficulty and is associated with symbols, code-breaking and problem solving. It’ll provide a real challenge to those who are familiar with the escape room challenge and to the novice.

There are two rooms for this activity and you’ll need to have your wits about you to escape in time.

Area 51

There’s medium level of difficulty with these rooms, and its title is taken from area 51 and the controversial Roswell incident, which is still hotly debated today. With our area 51 rooms, you’ll find there’s something hidden in the basement and you and your team are about to discover it. Are you smart enough to work your way through a potential conspiracy?

The Taken Room

This set of rooms will be a whole new challenge to our returning clients and for those new to the escape room challenge, a perfect introductory way in to our specially designed escape room. This is for those that enjoy a combination of thrills and adventure where you’ll have to help rescue hostages after being fooled by a rather nasty serial killer. Keep an eye out for this new escape challenge.

EMCU Trials

It’s our Escape Mysterious Crimes Unit and right now they’re recruiting new members. They need you and now you’ve completed your training you have one final test. There’ll be a simple multiple-choice test, but is that all there is to this??

Escape Rooms Stoke

So there you have it, our escape rooms in Stoke, with each set of rooms carefully thought out and imaginatively created, so all our customers get an amazing experience when they come here. We’re always researching new ideas and putting together carefully crafted escape rooms that give maximum entertainment to all who visit, that way you have a memorable experience you’ll be talking about for some time. Why not give us a visit? Come to Escape Room Stoke and put your skills to the test.