Fantastic Team Building Activities

If you’re looking for team building activities, then look no further than our post today as we have a great selection of them here in one post. We really believe in these types of activities because they help foster all the skills and qualities that help build a strong team and nurture a successful business.

Scavenger Hunt

For team building activities we really rate Scavenger Hunt because it’s great at getting people outside in the fresh air while at the same time testing their communication and problem solving skills. You’re in a town or city of your choice solving clues, taking photographs and collecting stuff, it’s great fun. Your team will need to complete a lot of different tasks in order to amass the most points, and of course win the challenge.

It’s a great way of building team morale and helping your work colleagues to bond. You could even just use it as an excuse to unwind, but the skills you all pick up on the way will be beneficial - and you won’t even know it’s happening.

Boot Camp

Delivered over the course of a full day or as a half, you and your team can enjoy the Boot Camp, a novel way of enhancing escape and evade tactics, problem solving, survival, combat and skirmishing skills, and all the things you’d expect to find on an army style Boot Camp. Through this type of activity your team get to bond in a really unique way in this not to be missed team building mission.

Sports Day

A sports day that really is like a proper sports day with the fun of participation and that all so important competitive element. Your team can compete against each other and then collect those awards once they’ve taken part in the opening ceremony. It’s an Olympics for the workers and you’ll get all those activities you’ve come to expect from a sports day, such as track and field, and football, hockey and golf to name but a few. You can either attend for the full day or just for an hour.

It's a Knockout

Yes, if you ever watched the TV series you’ll know what this is about. If you were too young to remember it, no matter. This is a really active team building activity! There’s plenty of fun to be had here and you’ll be able to try out all sorts of thing such as water guns, as well as lots of other energetic activities which really puts you through your paces.

Escape Stoke

Escape Stoke places teams in different cells and they must then compete against each to get out of each room within 60 seconds. You could just have one team in one room or more than one team in different rooms competing against each other to escape. This is a great way to improve problem solving skills, clues and foster communication and conflict resolution skills. A great fun day out for work colleagues who will go away hopefully having bonded with each other and learnt a few new things about each other too.

If you want to discuss anything we’ve talked about today or you’d like to come to Escape Stoke with your work colleagues or even as a fun day out, why not get in touch with us here and one of our helpful team will be more than happy to help you.