Take On the Challenge at Escape Stoke

How can you have fun, engage in team building activities, AND get your workers to enjoy a bonding session?

Take part in one of our fantastic Escape games. Because this is where it starts to get interesting. Your key people are locked in a room and they have to find a way out by working out crazy puzzles and various clues. They’re working against the clock and communication is key.

We Know What You Need From Your Team

Escape Stoke understands the type of skills crucial to running a successful business, so much so that we’ve created the Escape challenge specifically designed to exploit and enhance negotiation, communication and intuition skills. You need a team that thinks on its feet and can laterally think it’s way out of any problem. Not only will they have fun, it’ll help to boost morale and increase confidence.

Do They Want to Win? – Inspire That Sense of Achievement

They’ll need to work out the clues, because they’ll be locked in a room and there’s only one way out, and that’s to use all of their skills and put them together in order to escape. Communication will be key then, and they’ll need to be quick as they only have an hour. There’s a series of riddles, clues and puzzles and maybe even a code to crack, and your team will have to be pretty inventive and a little creative if they want to leave on time and win. Leave the room with your trophy in the allocated time allowed and you’re a winner.

Identify Where Your Team’s Skills Lie

As you can imagine, it’s the perfect way to identify key talent, so you’ll see who’s good at what and who’s able to solve certain problems quickly and under pressure. You’ll know who you can count on when that project needs someone with a hands-on approach and works well under stress.

We Can Help Your Team Flourish

Escape will help your team flourish in ways you hadn’t thought possible, because at the very moment they’re locked in that room, they start to recognise and use the key skills they need to escape, and you get to identify the key players in your team, the kind of skills you can utilise in your organisation. They’ll find out what it takes to get out and feel a sense of accomplishment when they do finally escape. Yes, that’s how it feels to get a project wrapped, and once they have that feeling pumping through their veins, you’re all set to take advantage of that in the workplace.

Why is Team Building So Important?

It’s important because it’s how a project gets done successfully. As is often the case, if a team isn’t working as well as it should, productivity is compromised, and it’s usually as the result of poor communication, poor relations between workmates, and boredom in the job. If you’re not utilising their skills to the max, then yes, certain members of your team will be bored. Team building is the perfect antidote to feelings of flatness, boredom and apathy. It’ll help you to recognise their skills so you can utilise them back at work, and help your workers find out more about each other.

Want to Build a Successful Team? – Come to Escape

The experience of focusing on a task in order to get the right results is going to help them recognise what they need to do to in order to get that great buzz from the feelings of success. So, if you’d like to encourage your team to bond, work together find a way out of our testing escape rooms, then book with us. It’ll seriously inject some purpose into your organisation and get your team on point. We’re here to take your call.