Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

There are many reasons why Escape Rooms are so popular and we’re going to be talking about that today. What we find is that the Escape Rooms serve a variety of different purposes and succeed at all of them, which really explains to us why they’re so popular. We get a real cross section of people coming here in Stoke to use our Escape Rooms, and we know that they all thoroughly enjoy the experience, and we can’t wait for you to do the same.

Team building.

Corporate teams really find our Escape Rooms useful for their team building. The foster a sense of team working and while in the room the team are able to use a variety of skills that may have been left dormant at work. They can utilise them here and will include communication, delegation, problem-solving, analysing and also helps to break the ice between new team members. All of these skills are crucial when you run a business, so by encouraging them in your team, you’re helping yourself too. It’s also an ideal opportunity for a team leader to identify strengths and weaknesses so they can help encourage and develop them.

Imaginatively chosen themed rooms.

Escape Rooms are also popular because of the unique way we individually theme each room. Each theme is taken from a game or movie from popular culture. We then furnish and decorate the room in the theme we’ve chosen, sometimes we’ll use two of the same, and then once the team is in there, they’ll have to find the clues within this specially prepared room. These well thought out cultural themes help to make our Escape Rooms really popular and capture the imagination of our customers.

Celebrations are popular.

They’re also great for celebrating milestones, birthdays and anniversaries – and we get so many people turning up here at Stoke to do just that. They all have a great time and once they’re done, they can go out to eat or just spend an hour down the pub discussing the entire experience.

Escape Stoke – for the most imaginative, unique and original time spent in one hour.

So now you have a pretty good idea of why our Escape Rooms are so popular, you’ll be eager to book a room yourself and discover why everyone loves it so much. We want you to be as impressed as the last person who visited, and we’ll give you a warm welcome when you come. You can book your room online or over the phone, all you have to do is choose which theme you like the most, which one appeals to you? Once you’ve chosen and then booked, all you have to do is turn up – and we can’t wait to see you!