Escape Room FAQs

We know that people have a lot of questions before they come and take part in our escape games. So today, we’re going to be answering some of the most popular questions we get asked and posting them here. That way, you can read them, decide whether you still want to come (and we sincerely hope you do) and then come on down and enjoy yourselves! All your questions will have been answered and hopefully you’ll be feeling confident about trying us out. 

What are Escape Games?

We realise that some of you know very little at all about our Escape Games so we’re going to tell you something about them, how they work etc and that might help you have more understanding of what to expect when you come. 

Our Escape Games are team-based games where you and a group of friends or family will be locked in a room. The room is usually themed, and the theme is taken from popular culture, usually movies. There’ll be clues and puzzles dotted around the room, carefully concealed, and it’s up to you and your team to find them, once you have, you work them out to unlock the room and escape. Oh, and you have an hour in which to do it. 

Why do people love this type of game?

The Escape Room phenomena has gained in popularity because it’s such an original and unique idea. It’s fun, it’s great as an ice breaker, and it’s also used heavily by corporate teams who use it to test their team’s skills, help break the ice with new team members and help with identifying individual skills e.g. who’s good at problem-solving, communication, etc plus who needs help. 

What age restrictions are there?

There are no age restrictions although we normally suggest that those under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult and that it might be a little too much for children under 10. There are some games which come with warnings that they may not be suitable for the under 16s, this is rare depending on the game. 

If I suffer a little with claustrophobia, should I come?

The rooms are bigger than you’d think, however we realise it still may be a little stuffy for you, so we usually suggest that you leave the door open or just leave it unlocked, and that way you can leave whenever you want. 

How many people can come and play?

We’d suggest that in order to enjoy it fully you bring a team of at least 6, no less than 2. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the game better and immerse yourself. 

How much time do I need?

You’ll need to set aside about an hour and a half and that’s without the time it’ll take to get here from wherever you live. We usually advise that people arrive early so we can go through health and safety and brief you on any other relevant points, then you’ll have your 60 minutes the room. 

Escape Stoke – for great times and memories

If you have any other questions other than the ones we’ve answered here, then always contact us, we’re here to help. Once you’re happy, book your room, and you can do this either on the phone or online from our website. We’ll see you soon!