How to be successful in an Escape Room

Today we’re talking about some of the skills you made need if you’re to successfully escape in time. Hopefully by the time you’ve read it you’ll be ready to take on the escape rooms. 

Strong team with a lot of different key skills are required.

Because you’ve only got an hour to do it in you need to get a strong team together to tackle it and they need the right kind of skills to win. Once you’ve gone into the room and the key has locked behind you, the clock starts ticking. You must find the clues in order to get out. They’re well-hidden and you’ll need to collect all of them before you can unlock the door. Work them all out together using razor-sharp problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills and good analytical prowess.

Search everywhere and don’t leave any stone unturned.

You’ll have to search everywhere, so if you’re not thorough enough you could possibly fail. You’ll need to put all your clues in one central place to go back to once you do find them. If you lose one it could mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Getting stuck on one stubborn clue doesn’t mean you have to abandon the rest of the game.

If you get stuck on one clue, leave it and move on, don’t dwell on it. Too much time spent on one clue could be precious time lost. Come back to it towards the end when you may find that after walking away you’ve now been able to see it with fresh eyes. 

Don’t let domination ruin the game.

Don’t let one person dominate the entire game, it’s a game where all team members are able to make a valid contribution so don’t let anyone take over. Everyone should have their say, and they should all be able to contribute with their thoughts and ideas on where to start and where to look. 

Escape Stoke – where the fun starts.

So here you’ll have the best fun of your life with friends, colleagues or family. Remember to look out for each other, let everyone make a contribution and look everywhere for those all-important clues, and you should give yourself a fighting chance of escaping. Remember that having fun and enjoying the game is also another great way to be successful.