What are Escape Rooms?

We’re talking about what exactly escape rooms are, and how you can enjoy them as much as everyone else. Why is that? Well, escape rooms are becoming extremely popular and all kinds of people are enjoying them. And we attract all kinds of different groups here, anything from gamers to families here to celebrate birthdays, or wedding groups on a hen or stag do. 

Different rooms, different themes

An escape room is one room with only one door to get out. When you come, you’ll all be in groups and you can have more than one and use more than one room, or you can just come in one group and occupy one single room. You’ll be locked in the themed room of your choice. Here at Escape Stoke we have Sherlock Holmes, Prison Break, Crime Scene, Homicide Unit, Spy Mission and Safari Jungle, and anyone of those rooms will offer the same set of clues and puzzles in relation to their theme, and you will have to find them first, and then work them out in order to find the key to escape. 

Sixty minutes is all you have

You’ll have just an hour to find and then solve all the clues and puzzles. Yes, 60 minutes isn’t long, so there’s an emphasis on team working and cohesion so if you all work together you have a far better chance of escaping than just working as an individual. Don’t worry, if you need to get out of the room anytime, then we can let you out, we pay attention to what you’re doing the whole time and if at any point you find it uncomfortable, we can let you out before the hour is up. Therefore, you’re not really locked up without being able to escape permanently, there’s always a way out.

Can you beat the clock?

For the purpose of the game however, you have exactly an hour to find and work out the puzzles – question is can you work against the clock and win? Do you have what it takes, and does your team? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by taking part. 

Escape Games Stoke – for the best in escape games

If you like what you’ve seen so far, why not book an escape room with us here at Escape Stoke? We’ve got all the rooms ready, we’re just waiting for you to join us. It’s easy to book online or by giving us a call, and you’ll be all set, the more of you there are, the cheaper it is to book, so what’s stopping you?