What Not to Do in an Escape Room

There are plenty of blogs on what you should be doing in an Escape Room, but today let’s have one on what NOT to do, as there are bound to be things you definitely shouldn’t be doing. With our tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to conquer the Escape Room and be a winner.

If it says ‘don’t touch’ then don’t touch.

The rooms are designed to provide the perfect game of find-the-clue with carefully secreted clues and puzzles just about everywhere. Most of the rooms follow a pattern in how they are laid out and there will be some items you are not meant to touch, so if you see a sticker with ‘Don’t touch it’ what it means is definitely don’t touch it. There may be props which will have these stickers on, and in order to keep you ahead of the game and focussed, it’s a good idea to just leave the bits you aren’t supposed to touch alone. 

Don’t break things in order to find the clues.

You may feel increasingly frantic in your efforts to discover the clues and work them out, especially if you don’t have much time left. However, ripping apart each piece you suspect has a clue underneath it won’t help, so don’t do it. Let’s stay calm and stick to what you can move freely and pick up without ripping it from its hinges.

Don’t take anything away with you.

You may find you’ve really enjoyed your experience here. If this is the case, you may be tempted to stick a few things in your pockets to take away as souvenirs. Please don’t, it costs us money to replace all the things you take away with you each time. We do have replicas, but they soon run out if they keep getting taken.

Don’t climb all over the furniture in case you cause any damage.

Don’t climb over all the furniture if you can avoid it, it can cause irreparable damage and means we have to replace the damaged items - at a cost. Also, please don’t turn up to play the game under the influence of alcohol, we may have to ask you to leave.

Don’t disobey our rules, they’re there for a reason.

Don’t disobey the rules, they’re there to help you win the game successfully and to stop us from having to interrupt the game to tell you to stop what you’re doing. This wastes precious time you could be using to play the game, find the clues and enjoy quality time with friends. 

Escape Stoke – for the best Escape Game there is.

So now you know all the things you shouldn’t do, how about all the things going on at our Escape Games. We think we’re our don’ts are evenly matched by our do’s, as we like our players to have the best time. Book your room either online or over the phone – we can’t wait to see you.