Who Visits Escape Stoke?

There’s a fairly broad range of people who visit Escape Stoke and they can range from corporate teams who are looking to improve their communication skills amongst other things, through to friends who are out to celebrate a birthday, the end of exams, as part of a stag do, or any other important milestone worthy of celebration. And here at Escape Stoke, we see all kinds of people coming to our rooms and having the times of their lives, so we know what we’re talking about.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate teams like it because it helps new teams to break the ice and bond, and it helps leaders to recognise skills that might otherwise go unnoticed. It’s becoming quite popular and it’s also a perfect opportunity for the team to relax and unwind with a day away from work too.

Escape rooms are themed rooms where you and a team of friends or colleagues are locked in a room for 60 minutes, and in that time, they must first find, and then solve a series of puzzles and clues, only once they have collected all the clues and solved the puzzles do they escape the locked room. Question is will they get out within the 60 minutes?

Student's Test Themselves

Students love the escape rooms because they can play it for fun or really test themselves against the clock and it’s a great way to unwind when you’ve been working hard and meeting deadlines. It can also help students break the ice if they’re new to university and help them to bond with new friends.

Gamers Play

Gamers love escape games too as a fun alternative to online games. Here, they too can enjoy the opportunity to be around friends and have some downtime. Escape games are great fun and every bit as interactive as an online game, but just with a bit of realism and some fresh air thrown in!

Escape Rooms For Special Occasions

Escape games are also popular for birthdays, hen and stag dos. They’re one of the freshest and most unique ways for people to celebrate their special day in style. It gives sample opportunities for new people to get to know each other, and for members of the wedding party to become better acquainted with each other.

Families Escaping Together

A family all together in the same room may have taken days, weeks or months to arrange, but once everyone’s there, it’s time to remind yourselves of why you’re all such a great family team. Children can play too, they must come accompanied with parents naturally, but they can come and enjoy the escape room experience alongside their family and they’re bound to enjoy the whole thing.

Escape Stoke - Exciting Escape Rooms For Everyone

If you fancy trying your luck, whether you’re a student, head of a corporate team, or simply a family looking for a unique way to spend quality time together, book with Escape Stoke and you’ll definitely have some fun!