Tips For Putting Together Your Escape Room Team

Let’s talk teams, Escape Game teams. If you want to put together the best team, then you need to have some sort of strategy in place. You need to at least consider the kind of people you want to invite to be in with a chance of winning. You’ll need to bring along people who are good at communicating, working things out and getting along with other people. You’ll be locked in a room with a group of up to 6 people, so you want to make sure you all get on. So, let’s get started. 

Team players

Firstly, make sure you choose people who are happy to be part of a team. Ones who are team players and don’t enjoy being dominant. There’s no point having someone there who’s dominating the game, not letting anyone else use their initiative and bellowing orders out left, right and centre. You want people who enjoy working with others, and there’s no ‘i’ in team. 

A good delegator

Find someone who can delegate, this is someone who will stand on the sidelines and not necessarily take part, but guide people as to where they should be heading next to find a clue. Managing the team really is what’s required here and steering everyone in the right direction, keeping an eye on the clock and cheering people on.

You want people who get on well

Find a group of people who all get on and are at least familiar with each other. A bunch of strangers in a room for the first time may not get on with each other, so find like-minded people, possibly from work or family friends. It’ll make for a better game, and there’ll be a better chance of you getting on and spending an hour together, without getting psychologically damaged from the experience. 

Good communicators

People who are good at communicating is essential, you don’t want people who don’t talk or don’t tell anybody else anything. People who keep things to themselves. There’s only one way you’re going to win this game and that’s by talking to each other, it’s an interactive game, get it? No silent types or go-it-alone people. 

Good at the detailed stuff

Finally, you want people who are good at puzzles and figuring things out - quickly. There’s bound to be someone in your group of friends at work or at home who are good at the geeky stuff, and know how to work out clues really, really well. You definitely want to bring them along for sure!

Escape Stoke - for the time of your life

So, now you know the type of people you need to bring along to Escape Games Stoke to be in with a chance of winning, and put yourself in line to win the whole game. We can’t wait to see you here with your carefully chosen crack team of winners. Book your room now, online or over the phone.

What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

If you’re interested in a game that is interactive, fun and exciting, then Escape Rooms Stoke is definitely for you. We work hard to make it perfect, so when you come here you have a great time.  You may have been thinking about coming for a while and you’ve wondered to yourself what type of an event an Escape Room is good for. We’d love to see you here, so we’ll tell you all about some of the people we see here all the time, and hopefully it’ll make you want to come yourself. 

Corporate teams

The reason why corporate teams love Escape is because it’s the perfect way to assess skills which are essential in the workplace. If you want to create a new team for a new project you have in mind, you could hand pick your potentials and bring them here to see who’s got the best skills. You’ll be able to see who needs more training, who is best for particular tasks. The most important skills are of course problem-solving, communication and logical/analytical skills – and it’s also a great way to get everyone together and out of the office.


What do you want to celebrate? Perhaps it’s a birthday, anniversary, passing an exam or a driving test. Whatever it is, the Escape Room Games are the best way to celebrate a super special event. Find and solve the clues, win the game and then spend some quality time discussing it later at your favourite haunt, what’s not to love?

Students love it here

Yes, students love to come to Escape Rooms it’s the perfect way to escape the drudgery of deadlines and exams. Yes, they leave all that behind for an hour. Here they can spend time with friends, catch up with their nearest and dearest and just forget about everything. 

Date Night

Yes, couples come here for a new way to spend their first date. It beats those awkward glances and long silences you want to end, and it’s a really great way to break the ice. Forget all the awkwardness and come down to Escape Games Stoke where you’ll spend an hour finding and solving clues within the best hour of your life. When it’s over you’ll be exhausted, happy, and you’ll be glad you did and then be ready to talk about your escapades down the pub.  

Escape Stoke – for the best event slayer

So, there you have it, the typical events we see at our Escape Room Games. Will you be here for a birthday, a corporate team event or a special wedding anniversary? Perhaps you’re on your first date or you’re celebrating finishing university. Whatever it is we’d love it if you celebrated it here with us, at Escape Stoke. Book your room over the phone or online and hopefully we’ll see you here very soon!

What Not to Do in an Escape Room

There are plenty of blogs on what you should be doing in an Escape Room, but today let’s have one on what NOT to do, as there are bound to be things you definitely shouldn’t be doing. With our tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to conquer the Escape Room and be a winner.

If it says ‘don’t touch’ then don’t touch.

The rooms are designed to provide the perfect game of find-the-clue with carefully secreted clues and puzzles just about everywhere. Most of the rooms follow a pattern in how they are laid out and there will be some items you are not meant to touch, so if you see a sticker with ‘Don’t touch it’ what it means is definitely don’t touch it. There may be props which will have these stickers on, and in order to keep you ahead of the game and focussed, it’s a good idea to just leave the bits you aren’t supposed to touch alone. 

Don’t break things in order to find the clues.

You may feel increasingly frantic in your efforts to discover the clues and work them out, especially if you don’t have much time left. However, ripping apart each piece you suspect has a clue underneath it won’t help, so don’t do it. Let’s stay calm and stick to what you can move freely and pick up without ripping it from its hinges.

Don’t take anything away with you.

You may find you’ve really enjoyed your experience here. If this is the case, you may be tempted to stick a few things in your pockets to take away as souvenirs. Please don’t, it costs us money to replace all the things you take away with you each time. We do have replicas, but they soon run out if they keep getting taken.

Don’t climb all over the furniture in case you cause any damage.

Don’t climb over all the furniture if you can avoid it, it can cause irreparable damage and means we have to replace the damaged items - at a cost. Also, please don’t turn up to play the game under the influence of alcohol, we may have to ask you to leave.

Don’t disobey our rules, they’re there for a reason.

Don’t disobey the rules, they’re there to help you win the game successfully and to stop us from having to interrupt the game to tell you to stop what you’re doing. This wastes precious time you could be using to play the game, find the clues and enjoy quality time with friends. 

Escape Stoke – for the best Escape Game there is.

So now you know all the things you shouldn’t do, how about all the things going on at our Escape Games. We think we’re our don’ts are evenly matched by our do’s, as we like our players to have the best time. Book your room either online or over the phone – we can’t wait to see you.

Escape Stoke - Escape From Your Studies

We get a lot of students coming to Escape Stoke, and one reason for this is that it’s a great form of escapism for them, getting them away from the rigour of academic study and a welcome relief from deadlines and endless online research. It’s only an hour, so it doesn’t take them away for too long, but it’s a welcome distraction where they can get to know new friends and unwind with old ones.

Get away from the studying and endless reading

Escape Stoke provides the best antidote to the daily grind of every day student life. Yes, it can be fun, but it can also be extremely stressful. One way of counteracting this is to take time out, and our Escape Rooms is the best way of doing it. It’s also an ideal opportunity to spend time with friends you don’t see often enough and to make new ones. There are bound to be those stuck in halls who’ve not had any opportunity to socialise yet, so inviting them along is a perfect opportunity to break the ice.

Talking, socialising, no social media necessary

You’ll be locked in a themed room of your choice and you’ll have to search for clues, collect them and then once you have them all, work them out. This way you get to unlock the door. It’s an opportunity to talk, socialise and to put away your iPhone, your iPad and laptops and actually speak to each other. It’s also a great opportunity to bone up on your communication skills and practice some team building. This will set you up nicely for job interviews in the future.

Find the clues, watch the clock, forget the university

Before we forget, all you have is an hour in which to find and work out the clues to unlock the door. So, you really are up against the clock. It’s perfect for really shutting down the anxiety and worry of study and disappearing into another world where only escaping the room is your priority. We love it for that reason, and we see so many students come here, not just once but over and over again because they love it so much.

Naturally, the emphasis is on working together, because when you do that, you’ll have a far better chance of getting out. It’s the perfect getaway and so beloved of all our visitors, regardless of whether they’re students.

Escape Stoke – for the best hour of escapism

Students love to come here and get away from the daily grind of study. So, if you’ve been thinking coming for a while and you think you might be able to use the Escape Rooms as the ideal escape route you’ve been looking for, why not get down here? We can’t wait to see you and we know you’ll have a brilliant time, so ditch the books and the laptop and make your way down here to us – for just one hour out of your life.

Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

There are many reasons why Escape Rooms are so popular and we’re going to be talking about that today. What we find is that the Escape Rooms serve a variety of different purposes and succeed at all of them, which really explains to us why they’re so popular. We get a real cross section of people coming here in Stoke to use our Escape Rooms, and we know that they all thoroughly enjoy the experience, and we can’t wait for you to do the same.

Team building.

Corporate teams really find our Escape Rooms useful for their team building. The foster a sense of team working and while in the room the team are able to use a variety of skills that may have been left dormant at work. They can utilise them here and will include communication, delegation, problem-solving, analysing and also helps to break the ice between new team members. All of these skills are crucial when you run a business, so by encouraging them in your team, you’re helping yourself too. It’s also an ideal opportunity for a team leader to identify strengths and weaknesses so they can help encourage and develop them.

Imaginatively chosen themed rooms.

Escape Rooms are also popular because of the unique way we individually theme each room. Each theme is taken from a game or movie from popular culture. We then furnish and decorate the room in the theme we’ve chosen, sometimes we’ll use two of the same, and then once the team is in there, they’ll have to find the clues within this specially prepared room. These well thought out cultural themes help to make our Escape Rooms really popular and capture the imagination of our customers.

Celebrations are popular.

They’re also great for celebrating milestones, birthdays and anniversaries – and we get so many people turning up here at Stoke to do just that. They all have a great time and once they’re done, they can go out to eat or just spend an hour down the pub discussing the entire experience.

Escape Stoke – for the most imaginative, unique and original time spent in one hour.

So now you have a pretty good idea of why our Escape Rooms are so popular, you’ll be eager to book a room yourself and discover why everyone loves it so much. We want you to be as impressed as the last person who visited, and we’ll give you a warm welcome when you come. You can book your room online or over the phone, all you have to do is choose which theme you like the most, which one appeals to you? Once you’ve chosen and then booked, all you have to do is turn up – and we can’t wait to see you!

Escape Room FAQs

We know that people have a lot of questions before they come and take part in our escape games. So today, we’re going to be answering some of the most popular questions we get asked and posting them here. That way, you can read them, decide whether you still want to come (and we sincerely hope you do) and then come on down and enjoy yourselves! All your questions will have been answered and hopefully you’ll be feeling confident about trying us out. 

What are Escape Games?

We realise that some of you know very little at all about our Escape Games so we’re going to tell you something about them, how they work etc and that might help you have more understanding of what to expect when you come. 

Our Escape Games are team-based games where you and a group of friends or family will be locked in a room. The room is usually themed, and the theme is taken from popular culture, usually movies. There’ll be clues and puzzles dotted around the room, carefully concealed, and it’s up to you and your team to find them, once you have, you work them out to unlock the room and escape. Oh, and you have an hour in which to do it. 

Why do people love this type of game?

The Escape Room phenomena has gained in popularity because it’s such an original and unique idea. It’s fun, it’s great as an ice breaker, and it’s also used heavily by corporate teams who use it to test their team’s skills, help break the ice with new team members and help with identifying individual skills e.g. who’s good at problem-solving, communication, etc plus who needs help. 

What age restrictions are there?

There are no age restrictions although we normally suggest that those under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult and that it might be a little too much for children under 10. There are some games which come with warnings that they may not be suitable for the under 16s, this is rare depending on the game. 

If I suffer a little with claustrophobia, should I come?

The rooms are bigger than you’d think, however we realise it still may be a little stuffy for you, so we usually suggest that you leave the door open or just leave it unlocked, and that way you can leave whenever you want. 

How many people can come and play?

We’d suggest that in order to enjoy it fully you bring a team of at least 6, no less than 2. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the game better and immerse yourself. 

How much time do I need?

You’ll need to set aside about an hour and a half and that’s without the time it’ll take to get here from wherever you live. We usually advise that people arrive early so we can go through health and safety and brief you on any other relevant points, then you’ll have your 60 minutes the room. 

Escape Stoke – for great times and memories

If you have any other questions other than the ones we’ve answered here, then always contact us, we’re here to help. Once you’re happy, book your room, and you can do this either on the phone or online from our website. We’ll see you soon!

The Benefits Of Brain Teasers And Puzzles

If you thought the only advantage of coming down to Escape Stoke was the fun of the game, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Taking part in live interactive games as well as online and live board games you’re giving your brain a real workout. This is important, because as people are discovering, the benefits of brain teasers and puzzles are that it helps to keep people’s brain active and staves off dementia.

It’s important to keep your mind active and using it again and again with taxing, testing stuff. It’s much better in fact than sitting staring at the TV and not moving on the sofa, by having an active mind you’ll have a healthy mind.

Try and mix it up a little too by doing different activities. Variety is important in keeping your mind active, by doing the same thing over and over again, your brain gets a little bit lazy. By changing what you do from week to week or month to month, you’ll find that your mind will be tested just that little bit more and it’ll freshen up those old neurons!

You can do all sorts of mental activity, through reading and learning new languages, but what brain teasers will do is perhaps get your mind to work in a completely different way, a way that is really good at keeping your mind active – for longer.

Escape Stoke – for ultimate brain teaser.

We’d like you to come down to Escape Stoke and test your brain power on the best brain teaser of them all – in our humble opinion. You’ll be locked in a room for 60 minutes with your friends or family and search high and low for some cleverly hidden clues. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll need to work them out to unlock the room and escape within the hour – what’s not to love?

And we think your brain will be well and truly tested and refreshed once you’re done. See you there! YOU can book online or over the phone.